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Re: CVS commit: [uebayasi-xip] src/sys/miscfs/genfs

[add cc:tech-kern]


>> what's the point of implementing it in the single VOP?
>> ie. how is it better than having VOP_GETPAGES_XIP and pgo_get_xip?
> Why not adding VOP_GETPAGES_XIP - because XIP is almost transparent to
> filesystems.  The difference between XIP or not is only where to get pages,
> which is beyond filesystem's task.

it doesn't sound convincing to me, given that you have a separate copy
of genfs_getpages for xip.


> Why not adding pgo_get_xip - because I didn't think it's worth adding it.
> XIP is transparent to other UVM pagers.  (And only used by vnode anyway.)
> Why not done in pgo_get (uvn_get) - it's possible.  My 1st implementation
> did the task in uvn_get().  I've changed it because what it does is close to
> (generic) genfs_getpages().
>> is it allowed to return both of "device pages" and normal pages mixed
>> for a request?
> That should work.  Once vm_page *[] are filled and passed back to UVM, they're
> deal with one-by-one.
> Masao
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> Masao Uebayashi / Tombi Inc. / Tel: +81-90-9141-4635

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