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Re: cdce alternate interface settings support

In article <>,
Cliff Wright  <> wrote:
>A month ago a message was posted about the Surfboard cable modem not
>working using the usb cdce driver. This is because the Surfboard
>uses an alternate interface setting, that the driver does not support.
>I thought about adding a loop checking all the alternates, but am
>currently thinking this is really device specific, so I added a flag
>that can be set per device. In the attached patch the flag uses the
>next available bit, but maybe by value rather than bit would be better,
>as this would support more options. The patch is against 4.0, but even
>the latest code also needs the mod to call ether_ioctl rather than
>doing the ioctl locally(i.e. needs changes similar to that reported in
>bug 36592).
>Cliff Wright <>

Please file a PR.


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