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Re: Autotuning of kern.ipc.shmmaxpgs

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

> Hi all,
> currently the maximum size of SysV shared memory is limited by a static
> MD limit. The attached patch allows platforms to not specify such a
> limit. If the kernel config doesn't specify one either, the kernel will
> compute a limit on startup based on physmem. Platforms with limited KVA
> can also set SHMMAX_AUTO_LIMIT, which places an upper boundary on the
> auto-tuned value.
> The old limit is too restrictive for desktop and e.g. PostgreSQL users.
> Comments? Other platforms that should be added to this list?
> The patch is intended for pullup.
> Joerg

Im already using a bit older version of this patch, and it works fine.

Very good idea, as I recall having to use a pile of sysctl magic on a hw with
16G of ram to get a useful pgsql environment.

5.0 should have this.


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