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Re: no ndis* at cardbus?

On Jul 5,  5:50pm, Matthias Drochner wrote:
} said:
} > Given how closely related CardBus and ExpressCard are to PCI, PCMCIA
} > should probably be rolled into PCISIG.
} Maybe, but for $2000 or 3000 a year to get access to specs
} this is also a business model.

     You don't have to be a member to get specs (at least some of
them).  PC Card Standard is available for $499, and ExpressCard
Standard is available $2500.  See .
I will grant you that those prices aren't cheap.  PCI specs are also
available at suitably high prices, see .  I found PICMG specs
at .

} > I hope this CompactPCI
} > stuff only adds to the PCI standard and doesn't modify it.
} It is completely independent, at least as far as software
} is concerned. PCI hotplug (rev. 1.1) doesn't contain any
} register level specification - all is up to proprietary
} controller chips. CompactPCI hotplug requires that the


} peripheral cards comply, there is a "capability" defined
} (PCI_CAP_CPCI_HOTSWAP in our pcireg.h) which contains the
} bits needed at the card side. The host side is proprietary
} too afaict.

     Yuck.  Okay, these two items means that a driver would be needed
for every different host chip that we wanted to support.  I can see
wanting to put those into modules.

} > drivers have to deal with the device going away
} Afaict only CardBus can deal with this, because it is a point-
} to-point link with an own interrupt controller. The others
} need notification in advance. With shared interrupts this
} would be impractical otherwise.

     The problem is that with hotswap the device can go away without
notice even if it isn't supposed to do so.  It would be nice to do
something sensible in that case.

}-- End of excerpt from Matthias Drochner

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