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Re: USB video driver

Donald T Hayford wrote:
I'm trying to get the new USB video drivers to work on an embedded (non-GUI) Arm processor (NSLU2). I built a kernel (20081215), added the appropriate drivers (uvideo, video), see the driver when it boots up, and can capture video using "cat /dev/video0 >test.avi". I can move the avi file to another machine and play the video. So the basic driver is essentially working.

But I can't get anything else to work from that point. I built xawtv so I could use webcam, but get the error message:

-bash-3.2$ webcam reading config file: /home/hayford/.webcamrc no grabber device available

.webcamrc has in it:

when I run v4lctl, I get:
-bash-3.2$ v4lctl -c /dev/video0 -v 2 snap video/testpic1 vid-open: trying: bktr... bktr: ioctl METEORGSUPPIXFMT: Invalid argument vid-open: failed: bktr no grabber device available

The comment about the brooktree device confuses me, since I thought the uvideo device was the equivalent.

This may not be a NetBSD problem, so a referral to a better source of info would also be greatly appreciated.

Hi Don --

I'm not sure that our xawtv package builds the v4l2 support code in; you might want to give one of the following applications a shot:


Hope this helps,

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