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Re: netbsd-5-rc1 crash in pmap_enter

On Sat Feb 07 2009 at 09:49:15 +0100, wrote:
> Hello,
> >Looks like a simple temporary memory outage.  Is the machine under
> >heavy load?
> >
> >Try this patch if you're brave (completely untested).  Comments from
> >anyone else?  I'm not sure if this is enough or if a more dramatic
> >backoff is required.
> The server has two dual-core CPUs, 16GB memory and 6GB swap and is running 
> under heavy load. 
> The swap is not used so it shouldn't be a global out of memory. There 
> only could be a ulimit for the postgresql user.
> I will try the patch.

Yup, those are exactly the kind of conditions where the patch should help
(unless the patch itself has problems ;).

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