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re: 5.0/i386 regressions

   I've just tried that. :-)
   Commenting only speedstep_configure seems to be working (I can shutdown
   clean). I haven't tried commenting any other functions. So,
   speedstep_configure shouldn't be running if CPU is Celeron-M.

OK, thanks.  i'll see if i can figure out a sane test for this.

actually, if you could test speedstep_configure().. in the code
chunk that tests if it is enabled, change it to fail in the case
the BIOS (or whatever?) hasn't enabled it yet. eg, make it

        if ((pmcon & LPCIB_PCI_GEN_PMCON_1_SS_EN) == 0)
#if 0
                pci_conf_write(sc->sc_pcib.sc_pc, sc->sc_pcib.sc_tag,
                               pmcon | LPCIB_PCI_GEN_PMCON_1_SS_EN);



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