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changing raid level?

Okay, I've got a 4.0.1 machine with a RAID 0 configured:

# raidctl -G raid1
# raidctl config file for /dev/rraid1d

START array
# numRow numCol numSpare
1 2 0

START disks

START layout
# sectPerSU SUsPerParityUnit SUsPerReconUnit RAID_level_0
128 1 1 0

START queue
fifo 100

I want, for reasons irrelevant here, to change this to a RAID 1 [%].
So I create a conf file just like the above, except the layout section
says "128 1 1 1".  I run "raidctl -u raid1" to unconfigure the old raid
and "raidctl -C new-config-file raid1" to configure the new.

But, when I check, the newly-configured raid1 is still raid level 0,
not the level 1 I want!  Apparently the RAIDframe administrative data
on the disks overrides the config file.  This seems wrong to me; with
-c, I'd expect this to be a fatal error, and with -C, the config file
to override.  (I tried using -c to configure the new raid1 too, and it
works the same as -C.)

Is there some reason it was done this way, or should I send- it -PR, or
what?  For the moment, I'll destroy the first meg or so of raid2e and
raid3e, which I expect will make -C work the way I want....

[%] Because of other changes, redundancy becoems more important than
    space.  (The use of RAID as the underlying units is for easy disk
    replacement and protection against disk reordering; raid2 and raid3
    are one-member RAID1s, set autoconfiguring.)

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