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Re: introducing devmajor_t/devminor_t said:
>       Out of curiosity what type names do other systems use? 

I haven't seen another name than "major_t" / "minor_t" so far.
As Andrew mentioned - it seems to be from SysV origin.
Linux used to have those too, at least in 2.4. It disappeared
at some point. said:
> Why not use the SVR4 names you mention? 

I don't care too much. As said I consider these names
more a documentation than as help for portability,
so I've chosen some descriptine ones. The only use
I've seen outside the kernel so far in in getdevmajor(3)
which is only used by devname(3), and our config(8^H1).
If you say that "major_t" would help for portability
or so I wouldn't argue much but invoke sed. As said,
I don't care.

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