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Re: defflag for MODULAR option wrote:

> I have patches to add "defflag MODULAR" to src/sys/conf/files
> and to add #include "opt_modular.h" to everything that tests
> the MODULAR option.  A test build on i386 works.
> The patc is at
> <>
> Is it OK in principle to commit this?

We should ask Andrew why he removed the defflag for MODULAR
on LKM removal?

> Before I commit, are there guidelines for how to sort defflag lines in
> sys/conf/files,

I guess there are too many historical reasons,
but it was right after COREDUMP before.

> and how to sort #include "opt_foo.h" lines in various
> kernel sources?

Alphabetical order is fine for me to see dup/missed lines.
Izumi Tsutsui

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