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Re: SIGIO, siginfo

On Jan 14,  1:24pm, (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: SIGIO, siginfo

| "man siginfo|grep -i sigio" shows nothing.
| i'm wondering why it's this different from linux.
| see the attached code.

I understand now. 
1. We get the wrong fd (the original fd, and not the dupped one where FASYNC
   was set on), because in our current fd implementation the struct file is
   shared, and there is no way to tell the difference. Even when we ASYNC
   to the fd in the code, we already have lost the file descriptor index,
   since we pass struct file * directly. Is this a problem? What does POSIX
   say? I don't see an easy fix.
2. I don't know why we get the wrong direction. I think I added the directional
   notification and I might have gotten it backwards. The comments in the
   code indicate otherwise. I would expect poll to report backwards too then.
   Does it?

Do you know why we have:
#define POLLIN          0x0001
#define POLLPRI         0x0002
#define POLLOUT         0x0004
#define POLLRDNORM      0x0040
#define POLLWRNORM      POLLOUT <--- and not a separate flag?
#define POLLRDBAND      0x0080
#define POLLWRBAND      0x0100

| > | - siginfo.h and siginfo(2) mention SIGPOLL which actually does not exist.
| > |   should they be just removed?
| > 
| > I think we should alias SIGPOLL to SIGIO since it is a mentioned extension
| > to POSIX.
| isn't SIGPOLL something for STREAMS?
| are they supposed to be same?

It used to be, but now it is:

so I think we should just #define SIGPOLL SIGIO

| thanks.
| i think it's better to unifdef pipeselwakeup then.

go for it!


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