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Autoloading of pseudo-device modules

Hi folks,

Because dm driver is not enabled in kernel yet, and it is installed as new style module. I have written this small patch [1] to subr_devsw.c which enable auto- loading of pseudo-device drivers. In my patch I'm changing cdev_open/bdev_open routines to try to load module if they
was not able to look up it.

I have also converted some of our well known pseudo-drivers to modules so we can remove them from kernel. [2], [3], [4]. I don't have cgd or raidframe* setup but I will test it more.

There is one outstanding problem with loading device drivers which need argument in kernel config file e.g. pseudo-device cgd 4, I do not know how to pass this number to modcmd function which calls driver attach routine. With removing these drivers from kernel we can shrink it by

* I'm really not sure if raid diff is ok because radiframe code is hard to understand.

[1] devsw.diff
[2] vnd.diff
[3] ccd_cgd.diff
[4] raid.diff

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