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Re: SIGIO, siginfo

On Jan 13,  1:30pm, (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
-- Subject: SIGIO, siginfo

| hi,
| i have a few questions about our SIGIO/siginfo.
| - is there any documentation about how our kernel fills siginfo for SIGIO?
|   is it intended to be compatible with something?  eg. linux?

The documentation is in siginfo(2), do you have a more specific question,
or is that documentation lacking?

| - siginfo.h and siginfo(2) mention SIGPOLL which actually does not exist.
|   should they be just removed?

I think we should alias SIGPOLL to SIGIO since it is a mentioned extension

| - why did you make POLL_HUP == POLL_ERR?

Bug. I fixed it.


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