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Re: Partial port of ZFS

Hi Neel,

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 12:58:31PM -0500, Neel Sheyal wrote:

> >Most of the initial porting work is done and it's looking for someone to
> > complete it.
> I would like to take it over. My initial testing, couple of weeks
> back, resulted in a hung system; though I am not surprised considering
> the state of the project. I will be syncing my changes with the latest
> tar ball.

Great, please go for it. I don't see any sense in 'locking' the project.

A couple more things occured to me this evening:

- do_sys_mknod() and one other function I added to my local kernel are
  missing. I don't have the changes any more but they should be very easy to
  identify and modify vfs_syscalls.c for. If you replicate them please get
  the changes included in the kernel. See the existing do_foo() functions
  and their syscall wrappers. It just involves shuffling arguments. Both
  functions are used when maintaining device nodes under /dev/zvol.

- I remember getting the solaris module to link and load, possibly by
  omitting some source files. Or they could all compile; it was a couple of
  months ago so I don't remember now. Anyway, it paniced with a trap when
  initializing Solaris' callb or taskq subsystems and I didn't look into it
  further. So that is probably the first of many panics that will need


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