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Re: kinfo_proc * 2

In article <>,
n0g0013  <> wrote:
>can someone point me to an archive or discussion that would explain
>why we have two kernel proc structures?
>i'm digging through the kernel code and can't really see how / why
>they are used except for sysctl references?  i'm assuming that basically
>anything that checks process information (i.e. top/fstat/vmstat) will
>use them (i'll check there next) but wouldn't it be easier just to
>have a single structure for all the information?
>i understand that altering the size of the kernel structures is
>awkward for compatibility but wouldn't these have been unified between
>releases when these sorts of incompatibilities are acceptable?

The old one (kinfo_proc) is kept for compatibility. I don't think that
it is used anymore.


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