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Re: Your post to

Appologies for the duplications on the postings - I did that by
mistake after I received a message requesting me to post in PLAINT
TEXT. Sorry ...

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> As part of the research studies that I am doing, I need to be able to
>> simulate the ealier version of TCP (as per RFC 793), that&nbsp;means
>> running TCP stack&nbsp;without congestion control algorithms. How can
>> I run TCP stack on NetBSD without the support of TCP Congestion
>> Control Algorithms, i.e. Slow Start, Cogestion Avoidance, Fast
>> Retransmit and Fast Recovery?
> Mukosi,
> You are repeatedly asking the same question of multiple people and
> apparently on multiple lists - this practice does not conform to our
> mailing list norms.  The answer is clear: you have to read the source
> code and figure it out.  Because you say you are in a MS program, pretty
> much everyone here expects you to do the necessary work to understand
> things.  If you ask a specific question about a tricky bit, then you'll
> likely get a more detailed response.  But people here are very wary of
> doing other people's homework - these sorts of queries come in all the
> time.
> If it took you a month of reading code that would be in my view fine -
> that's certainly what I did when I was a grad student.  Although back in
> those days, we didn't have NetBSD, just 4.2BSD, and that only after
> having to take a UNIBUS to the office.

Kind regards,

Mukosi A Mukwevho
Head IT Development - FNB Shared Services (Contact Center Randburg)
Mobile: +27 82 859 1123

"Good relationships and good communication deliver software. Good
estimation is extremely useful, but guarantees nothing." -

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