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Re: Path to kmods

>> The first example that comes to mind?  In 2.0, 1.x executables that
>> depended on executing out of the stack broke.
> Why didn't you object removal of sh5 and pc532?

Primarily because I used neither one.  I did - and do - use executables
that run out of the stack, and I do use static linking.

I can't speak out against _everything_ I think is a mistake, or I'd get
nothing done but tracking potential changes to find the ones I think
need mentioning.  I tend to focus on the things that affect me most
immediately - naturally enough, I think.

> Now you seems a critic, not a developer or user.
> What's your purpose on this thread?

In this thread, yes, that's primarily what I am - well, user too, but
primarily critic of the direction I saw things going.  (I use the past
tense because of the recent voices saying that It Ain't Gonna Happen.
I'm still slightly concerned about how far it *will* go in that
direction, but reassured to hear it's not going as far as I feared.)

I don't have the time to devote to NetBSD I once did.  I still admin
NetBSD systems, at home and at work, and speak mostly as a user and
admin.  When it's one of the few things important enough for me to
devote some of my personal time to it, or when it's something I can do
on work time (eg, the recent "partitioning >2TB" thread), I still try
to contribute where I can.

Does this mean my value has gone negative?  Perhaps.  I suspect it
depends on the extent to which the value metric used aligns with my
opinions.  If the Project's opinion of my value goes negative, I expect
to get mail from core, or board, or some such, saying so, in which case
I'll go away.

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