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Subfile GSoC Mid-Checkpoint Status

Progress so far has been:

1. Rethought some design decisions

2. Created some needed flags in the superblock and inode

3. Modified newfs and dumpfs to modify/read the flag in the superblock to recognize whether a file system has subfile support

4. Created a new system call ( subfile_open ) stub and I am using that stub to build into the system call

So, as of right now I have been working on the system call, which should be the "meat" of the project. I am making good progress, right now just figuring out ways to pass data back and forth from the the inode, the vode, and the system call. For the second half of the project, I will, for the most part, continue to work on the system call and once I get it done, use it as a template for the other system call, subfile_fopen, since they are almost exactly the same.

The biggest problem that I have run into have been just timing problem as our school is on the quarter system so I wasn't able to start for ~3-4 weeks into the coding period. I was a little worried about making the checkpoint as I started to code but I am personally satisfied with the progress that I was able to make in the remaining time. Timelines had to be shifted but I believe that I am now still on track to finish by the end.

I another (kinda) problem that I had was that it had been a long time since I had really dug around the NetBSD source code so it has taken me a bit to refamiliarize myself with it. Not a big problem, but something that slowed me down a bit.

Adam Burkepile

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