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Open Sound System goes BSD license

Perhaps we can extract some useful audio drivers from the commercial
OSS, which went BSD licensed recently?




CULVER CITY, CA, January 4, 2008: 4Front Technologies is proud to announce 
the release of the source code to Open Sound System (OSS) v4.0 under the BSD 
license for FreeBSD and other BSD compliant operating systems.

OSS is a cross platform API that provides drivers for most consumer and 
professional audio devices for UNIX� and POSIX based operating systems, 
including Linux. Owing to its open architecture, applications developed on
one supporting operating system platform can be easily recompiled on any other 

Open Sound System is also available for Linux under the GPLv2 license and
OpenSolaris under the CDDL license. It is also available for commercial
and proprietary operating systems under the 4Front commercial license.

What is being open sourced?

The source code includes drivers for most consumer PCI and USB audio devices 
and operating system support, including binary package generation and sample 
test programs. Complete documentation and API specification is also being made 
available to the open source community.

A device driver kit (DDK) is also available for developers to implement cross 
platform device drivers for audio hardware. This eliminates lot of redundant 
work that has traditionally been required to support any hardware under multiple
Unix/POSIX operating systems.

Community Portal :

A new web site with source code, API specs and forums for the developer 
community has been opened at For more 
information and to download the binary distributions of Open Sound System, 
visit 4Front's WWW site at

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