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Re: ips: partially redone

On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 21:22:24 +0100
Tonnerre LOMBARD <> wrote:

> Salut,
> I got ips to work partially, but I have a Copperhead machine so I
> am still working on the machine specifica. I am currently devoting
> most of my work to Copperhead because the rest appears to work at
> first glance, and in order to really test it I need support for the
> only ips machine I have. It compiles though and loads and discovers
> the SCSI bus, even sends commands, the communication appears to
> work.
> If someone with a morpheus or related could confirm it is working
> (or tell me why it's not) that would be really great.
>                               Tonnerre

I have one of these  (not sure which kind) and will attempt to give
it a spin tonight.


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