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Re: Memory debugging question...

On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 05:12:44AM -0800, wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on a NIC driver for a 10 Gbps NIC and I have the basics working,
> but I clearly have a memory leak.  The thing is, I don't see the leak when I
> look at the output of 'vmstat -m'.  I see the memory climb in the output of
> 'top' - it indicates that the "File" memory usage is continually climbing
> when I have transfers happening.

Are these transfers coming from or going to a file system?

> So the basic question is "what memory usage would be considered 'File' memory
> by 'top' but wouldn't show up in 'vmstat -m'?".  Of course, it's possible I'm
> just not seeing it in the 'vmstat -m' output, but I've looked pretty hard!  
> :o)

I'm pretty sure "File" is cached file system/block device backing.

> I have a feeling the problem is due to mismatched "bus_dmamap_load..."/
> "bus_dmamap_unload..." operations, but haven't been able to confirm that.
> Any tips on tracking this down would be most appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Patrick Klos

        Jonathan Kollasch

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