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Re: compat linux/linux32 uid16 functions cleanup+fixes

In article <>,
Nicolas Joly  <> wrote:
>While performing some regressions tests under compat linux/linux32, i
>noticed that some uid16 functions were failing ... I started fixing
>them; and while here, made some other cleanups :
>- Add linux_sys_getres{uid,gid}16 to fix an overflow with incorrect
>  sizes given to copyout.
>- Move all uid16 functions to a new linux_uid16.c file, only included
>  by needed archs (currently arm, i386 and m68k).
>- Add some macros to handle conversions between linux_uid_t and uid_t
>  (likewise for gid).
>- Use linux_uid_t/linux_gid_t for syscalls arguments types where
>  appropriate (instead of int, uid_t/gid_t, ...).
>- Update arm syscall table to use more uid16 functions where
>  applicable.
>Comments ?

Looks fine to me. Perhaps though we want to call the types linux_{u,g}id16_t?

Thanks for doing this!


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