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On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 12:16:06PM -0700, Tim Rightnour wrote:

> I hope to eventually get a working CD for prep installation, but truth be 
> told,
> I don't understand enough of the mkisofs magic to make it happen.  Basically, 
> I
> need to embed an MBR and fdisk partition layout onto a CD, because prep
> firmware looks for partition type 0x41 and reads whatever is in there.  I've
> tried the prep flags for mkisofs, but they don't work.  The key is that the CD
> needs to show up as having an fdisk partition layout when examined with fdisk.

Sounds like what mksunbootcd does, for which I wrote the prototype
implementation, although it is rewritten nowadays, I think.

Basically, I took a normal CDROM ISO image (the ISO9660 superblock
equivalent is some way into the CD, so the first hm... 16 sectors?
are free), wrote a sun disklabel onto the first 512 bytes which
described the ISO image as partition N (starting at sector 0), then
described the UFS partitions which were appended with the installation
kernel + helper programs.

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