Subject: Re: puffs - userspace fs framework integration
To: Stephen Borrill <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/10/2006 22:23:22
On Tue Oct 10 2006 at 19:51:47 +0100, Stephen Borrill wrote:
> This looks like it could be really useful for writing a FS based on 
> devel/libgphoto2 in a similar way to 
> on Linux. I'd _really_ like to see this. I'll have a play.

A FUSE API emulation is on the TODO-list and will probably be implemented
at some point.  However, stabilizing the native API is the first order
of business.  Meanwhile, in case you desperately want it, implementing
gphotofs on top of the native API is probably not more than a couple of
hundred lines of code.

And since someone is probably going to ask, I chose not to provide the
FUSE API as the native API because I don't want it to dictate the any
improvements later on.

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