Subject: Moving ethfoo in the main tree
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List: tech-kern
Date: 12/13/2004 10:33:28
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I believe my ethfoo device has reached the point where it is useful
enough (notably with qemu) it could be in the main part of tree, rather
than a not built LKM.  There are a few points I need to address before
that, though.

First, naming convention.  'ethfoo' was fine while it was only an
example, do we want to keep it instead of the commonly accepted 'tap'?
That leads to another question:  should I add a tun-like part to it
so it could replace tun(4), or should I merge it with tun?  I don't
think it really makes sense to have both around.

If it were to be kept separate from tun, I think the correct way to
name the main source file would be sys/net/if_ethfoo.c.

The other thing is that the cloning device interface (where you open
/dev/ethfoo and get an interface automatically created) needs a way
to retrieve the name of the interface.  I made a rather simple ioctl
for that but we might want a more general approach.  For that I added
an include file, but a header just for an ioctl definition seems a
bit much to me.  While 'SIOCGIFNAME' would be an idea for the name, it
doesn't work because it's not an operation on a socket.

Is there a name and a place where such an ioctl definition could fit?

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