Subject: Stateful volume (Re: Ideas on the audio framework)
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From: TAMURA Kent <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/13/2004 16:36:27
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> > Probably no one opposes making the OSS compat layer stateful.
> > It should be compatible with Linux and FreeBSD.
> That doesn't work.  A mixer can really be stateful if it can make
> sure it intercepts all changes, so it can keep its state.  If some
> other application changes the value behind its back, strange things
> will happen (though, arguably, it will work if someone only uses
> one application for mixer settings.  I, for one, use gkrellm-volume,
> mplayer, mp3blaster and mixerctl all at the same time, depending on
> what I'm doing).

It seems better than the current slider problem :-)

IMO, we should make mixer volumes stateful in the native API,
too.  The current behavior hides hardware differences by halves.
It hides the physical maximum value of a hardware, but does not
hides the physical volume precision and it is difficult for
applications to know correct volume precision.  I like either
exposing the physical maximum value (not 255) to userland or
hiding the physical volume from userland.  The former needs API
changes, and the latter doesn't need API changes.

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