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if sysinst supports RAID 1 directly

In the old days of NetBSD-7.0, I loved to install
RAID 1 disk.

1. Have two of scratch disks
2. With sysinst,  formatting to RAID, configuring RAID1,
  and installing
3. One manual installboot was necessary

Above gave me complete installation.
I've have my record at

The key is at
|   # cd /usr/mdec
|   # installboot -fv -t raid /dev/wd0e bootxx_ffsv2 /boot
|   # installboot -fv -t raid -o timeout=30 /dev/wd1e bootxx_ffsv2 /boot
|   although timeout option 30 is shown, actual setting does not seem to be done.

But recently I've tried with NetBSD-9.0 or later,
I could not get the same result yet.

Formatting disk for now has serveral options and I could not
find the way like old days.

Is there any suggestions ? Thanks in advance,
Makoto Fujiwara

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