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re: Releases

   1) Does this repository contain strong crypto (3DES, RC4-128, Blowfish,
   IDEA, CAST, etc.)


   2) Who works on this code?  Is it only non-US developers?

only non-US developers.

   3) Does the crypto code in this repository get integrated into the US
   version of -current, or is the US crypto developed in the US?

parts of it do; in the future, it is hoped that it will be entirely
but for now the US crypto includes kerberos as well as a copy of most
of the international code.

   4) How does this code differ from domestic crypto code in the US?

see above.

   5) To whom do I converse if I want to volunteer to house the anon cvs/ftp
   site for international crypto.

watch; there will soon be an announcement of a
master ftp server, for international cryptography.

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