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Re: Releases

Ken Hornstein <> writes:

> >The primary reason OpenBSD is located in Canada is that Theo had it
> >cushy in Calgary. I applaud the stoicness of the US OpenBSD crypto
> >developers (i.e NRL), who are willing to sail ever so slightly close
> Okay, I think this should be put to rest right now.
> I did some research last time this came up.  I could find no _crypto_
> code developed by anyone at NRL in the OpenBSD tree.  There _was_ some
> IPSec related code, but as far as I could determine, it was only
> related to some of the policy stuff and very clearly didn't have
> anything to do with cryptography.  If anyone else would like to provide
> evidence to the contrary, please speak up now.
> --Ken

I'm only going on what's presented on the OpenBSD web site. If NRL has
a different perspective they might want to make sure it's presented.


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