Subject: Re: CVS commit: syssrc
To: Andrew Doran <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: source-changes
Date: 09/11/2000 23:30:15
Andrew Doran writes:
> Hi Luke.
> Luke Mewburn <> wrote:
> > Log Message:
> > * rename vga_stdscreen* -> vga_25lscreen*
> > * in vga_init(), set the screen type to WSCONS_DEFAULT_TYPE, which defaults
> If I understand this change correctly, then this should be called
> VGA_DEFAULT_SCREEN_TYPE or something shorter, meaning the same.

currently it's VGA only. i suppose i anticipated similar modifications
to other wscons framebuffers that support multiple WxH specifications
for the console and virtual terminals. i'm not a wscons guru though,
so if vga is the only thing like that maybe your suggestion is the
appropriate change :)

> WRT to the corruption, the `fast scrolling' might be causing that. You could
> try disabling it.

the corruption was fixed by the vga_setscreentype()

> One other thing that needs to be handled if the kernel is entered with the
> cursor on the 25th row. I don't know if it currently is.

i don't think it is. i've been running this for a little while now,
and modulo some emulation bugs under screen(1) connecting to solaris
2.x machines (which i've always gotten with wscons) i think it's ok.