Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
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From: Jim Wise <>
List: source-changes
Date: 09/07/2000 20:38:47
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jwise
Date:		Thu Sep  7 17:38:47 UTC 2000

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/net/tcl-scotty
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Log Message:
Initial import of tcl-scotty, the Tnm (tcl network monitoring) module for
tcl, and the scotty interpreter, which has tnm built in.  Note that it is
expected that many users will choose to do

	package require Tnm

instead of


This package and the pkgsrc/net/tkined package supplant the pkgsrc/net/scotty
package, updating the pkgsrc scotty support to scotty-2.1.10, and adapting it
to tcl/tk-8.3.2.

Changes to the scotty packages since scotty-2.1.8:

      * tcl-scotty and tkined are now separate packages.  tcl-scotty installs
	the tnm network monitoring extensions for tcl and the scotty interpreter,
	and can be installed on machines without x11, and by extension without
	tk.  tkined installs the program tkined, which is a (really cool)
	graphical network diagraming/discovery/monitoring app based on tnm.

changes to the tnm module itself since scotty-2.1.8:

----------------- Released 2.1.10, 29/10/98 -----------------------

22/9/98 (feature change) Changed the "--disable-multicast" configure
option to "--enable-multicast". This means that multicast support is
turned off by default.

15/9/98 (bug fix) Added additional tests to calls to inet_addr in
order to accept the value

9/7/98 (bug fix) Make sure we return a Tcl error message when the
MIB parser detects an error.

8/7/98 (bug fix) Map the BITS data type to the underlying OCTET STRING
in the MIB parser.

8/7/98 (bug fix) Allow relative pathes in the tnm(mibs) variable so
that one can write "vendor/file.mib" and scotty will search for the
file in $tnm(library)/site/vendor/file.mib. (Suggestion and patch from
Joe Rogers <>.)

26/6/98 (bug fix) The code now accepts traps and informs with
arbitrary community strings. This behaviour is now consistent with the
way SNMPv3 folks look at the problem. The community string is passed
in the session handle to the callback.

25/6/98 (bug fix) Added back code to encode and decode Opaque values.

2/5/98 (bug fix) Fixed the MIB parser to use SEQUENCE as a default
type for unknown type names used in SYNTAX clauses. This solves some
problems with forward references by making a best guess.

2/5/98 (bug fix) Handle variables that can not be created by returning
an error message instead of dumping core.

----------------- Released 2.1.9, 23/4/98 -----------------------

23/4/98 (bug fix) Fixed the non-unique request ID bug. Added the 
cleanup loop to close all unused file descriptors to straps.

25/2/98 (bug fix) Inclusion of <asm/byteorder.h> caused problems
and RedHat systems. We now use the configured WORDS_BIGENDIAN
value to determine the byte order in ntping.c

4/2/98 (bug fix) Fixed the selection of SNMP agents in the standalone
version of the mibtree script.

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