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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc

Ooops, the package name has been changed to lame-gui, as it should
have been.  I did this via a quick "mv" on the CVS server, hoping
noone else got the changes first.

And I was just thinking to myself that people aren't careful with cvs
commands anymore...


Michael Graff <> writes:

> Module Name:  pkgsrc
> Committed By: explorer
> Date:         Thu Sep 30 16:45:00 UTC 1999
> Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/audio/not-lame
> In directory nb00:/tmp/cvs-serv24591
> Log Message:
> lame-gui, uses GTk for (currently) analysis screens, but I believe there
> are plans to make it a full GUI-based critter.
> Status:
> Vendor Tag:   mlg
> Release Tags: mlg1
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/Makefile
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/files/patch-sum
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/files/md5
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/patches/patch-aa
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/pkg/COMMENT
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/pkg/DESCR
> N pkgsrc/audio/not-lame/pkg/PLIST
> No conflicts created by this import

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