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Re: CVS commit: basesrc

> If a function is called with bogus args, printing on the screen "bogus
> args" is wrong.  This would have normally caused a crash, and it
> should still do so with the usual _DIAGASSERT(s != NULL) thing.

I thought I rolled back that stuff...

> There should be no reason we allow execution to continue after a
> PROGRAMMER bug is detected, but we should allow it to continue after
> things like failed to open files.
> The whole point to the suggestion I made about argument checking was
> to catch programmer errors by supplying the file/line and a core dump,
> not to ignore errors and continue.  We're not linux here.  :)

So, Core Dumps are for Real Men Who Use BSD? So much for touting
ourselves as a robust system...

Errors were not being ignored; in general my work attempted to gracefully
return an appropriate error condition to the programmer.

Anyway, I got sick of the complaints. This stuff was rolled back.
Obviously I missed a couple of things.

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