Subject: NetBSD master CVS tree commits
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List: source-changes
Date: 11/08/1997 15:40:04
Sat Nov  8 07:36:11 PST 1997
Update of /cvsroot/src/usr.sbin/ypserv/ypserv
In directory netbsd1:/var/slash-tmp/cvs-serv4859

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more fixes for OPTIMIZE_DB (seems like this code was an unfinished idea;
i've fixed a lot of bugs in it):
* implement yp_close_map(struct opt_map *), to close a specific map,
  using the guts of yp_close_last()
* simplify yp_close_last() to use yp_close_map()
* ypdb_open_db(): add the st_dev, st_ino, and st_mtime of each map to
  the cached info, and check if changes if the db is cached; if so, close
  the map and reopen it fresh. also uncache entries if the domain or
  file disappear