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NetBSD master CVS tree commits

Wed Nov  5 14:13:36 PST 1997
Update of /cvsroot/src/sys/arch/mac68k/include
In directory netbsd1:/var/slash-tmp/cvs-serv19310

Modified Files:
      Tag: netbsd-1-3
Log Message:
Pull rev 1.7 up from trunk (scottr)

Wed Nov  5 14:19:15 PST 1997
Update of /cvsroot/src/sys/dev/isa
In directory netbsd1:/var/slash-tmp/cvs-serv18884

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Various bug fixes for atapi part:
- clean up debug code
- Don't check ATAPI signature when probing ATA drives, ATAPI devices were
  detected before
- Reset controller after disks probes. The probe, with some combinations of
  ATA/ATAPI device keep it in a mostly working, but strange state (with busy
  led on)
- The WDCF_IRQ_WAIT flag is now cleared by wdc_ata_intr and wdc_atapi_intr
  when appropriate (helps recover from failure conditions)
- In wdcunwedge, send ATAPI_SOFT_RESET to non-ata drives
  (helps recover from failure conditions)
- in wdctimeout be a bit more verbose when we missed an interrupt
- Always Increment xfer->c_skip where it should be
- Set the ITSDONE flag when a polled command completed.

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