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Re: beer!

Jan Schaumann wrote:
George Rosamond <> wrote:

I don't know that place. . . but Enzo's is 2nd below 4th Street. . . and I think it's the best NYC pizza around.

You had to dance back, didn't you?  Don't you kids know anything?  If
you got served and you dance back, then it's ON!!

Pizza-off -- Enzo's vs. Li'l Frankies!

I'm not really one to run from a battle. . . but I can't make it tonight. Bed-ridden sick before the con (nice timing). . plus we have an organizers meeting at 7 pm.

But next week, I'll be there. . . waiting, just waiting for the challenge Jan!

We'll hit one, then the other, and see who's the boss!


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