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Lealmente,vattini giacomo

3 guards charged in violent attack at women's prison
Three prison guards at a New Jersey women's prison have been charged in connection with a violent attack on inmates last month, the state's attorney general announced Thursday.
Morgan Wallen's Music Continues To Succeed Despite Racial Slur Controversy
NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Andrea Williams about why country singer Morgan Wallen's album still sits at the top of the Billboard 200 days after he was captured on video saying a racial slur.
Liberty Trade Top Scorer but Add the All-Star Natasha Howard
Kia Nurse, the team's leading scorer last season, is headed to Phoenix. The Liberty also sent the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft to Seattle as part of the deal for Howard.
Milan's 'acrobat thieves' use Instagram tags 'to rob rich and famous'
The "acrobat thieves" allegedly monitored famous people's Instagram posts to virtually case their homes.
100-year-old man charged with Holocaust atrocities
German prosecutors have charged a 100-year-old former SS concentration camp guard with aiding and abetting the murder of 3,518 people.
'We're doing everything we can' to allow holidays, says Hancock - who has booked one
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told Sky News the government is "doing everything we can" to allow Britons to enjoy a holiday this year - amid confusion about whether people should be booking summer breaks.
Britney Spears Speaks Up For the First Time After 'Heartbreaking' Docu on Her Life Released
The troubled past and conservatorship of America's "Princess of Pop" has lately made the news after the New York Times released its documentary "Framing Britney Spears" last week. Marred by love scandals and legal battles, the story of the music icon appears to have broken many hearts.
Super Bowl 2021 ads: Here are the leaked commercials
Some companies are sitting out the annual advertising spectacle following a year of social, economic and political crises.
Should The Government Pay People To Get Vaccinated? Some Economists Think So
Dr. Anthony Fauci says the country will likely need a vaccination level of between 70% and 90% to reach herd immunity. Right now, that math doesn't quite add up.
Kevin Garnett Isn’t Sure His Generation Could Play in Today’s N.B.A.
“I don’t know if even the guards could play in this time right here. It’s saucy. ”
I saved dad's business with a single tweet
Harley Walsh says her tweet was shared 19,000 times within a week of posting a picture of her mechanic dad.
Where you'll find the best lemons in the world
In Minori, a town along Italy's Amalfi Coast, Stanley Tucci samples lemons he calls the best in the world. Watch "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy" Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Why double-masking could be the way forward in reducing spread of COVID-19
With the increased transmissibility of new coronavirus variants being discovered, it has been suggested by some that double-masking could help contain the spread.
Water 'Boiling' Off Russian City Beach in Winter Caught on Camera
Likely explanations for the phenomena offered by netizens include a geyser eruption and ruptured sewer pipe.

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