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Updated status of NetBSD/zaurus

As repored by Ebihara-san, The Japan NetBSD Users' Group held
a booth at the KANSAI OPEN FORUM 2019 on Nov. 8-9 2019
and four Zaurus (SL-C700/760/860/1000) models were demonstrated:

Current status of NetBSD/zaurus:

(1) Fixed (pulled up): kernel load failure issue
 - wrong ENTRYADDR in linker options
 - cacheline issue in zbsdmod.o
 - missing bss clear in zbsdmod.o

(2) Fixed (pulled up): "Alignment Fault 3" failure on 8.1 GENERIC
 - memory corruption by inappropriate rasops structure definitions

(3) Fixed (pulled up): disklabel(8) and fdisk(8) with disk names fail
 - wrong RAW_PART in MAKEDEV(8)

(4) Not investigated: screen corruption of Xorg with "Rotate" "CW" option

(5) Fixed (pulled up): no keyboard input on Xorg with 9.0_BETA GENERIC
 - options WSDISPLAY_COMPAT_RAWKBD is necessary for Xorg
 - zrc.c build error with WSDISPLAY_COMPAT_RAWKBD

(6) Fixed (not committed yet): zaudio(4) attach failure on 9.0_BETA
 - new MI i2c(4) layer requires an explicit quirk of PROBE_STRATEGY
   via device properties as sys/arch/x86/autoconf.c does

(7) Fixed (not committed yet): zaudio(4) failure of wm8731 on C760/C860
 - improper initialization for early delay(9):

(8) Improved (not committed yet): wasteful COPY_SYMTAB
 - kernels can recognize symbols loaded by zbsdmod.o:

All Zaurus demonstrated at the KOF2019 included these fixes.
(Xorg Rotate issue was workarounded by using 7.2 binaries)

I'll commit uncommitted fixes soon.

Izumi Tsutsui

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