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Some SA11x0 diffs

I have put some diffs in ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/misc/rjs/arm.diff.gz
that do the following for most of the SA11x0 drivers plus those that
are shared with PXA2x0:

struct device * -> device_t
struct cfdata * -> cfdata_t
printf -> aprint_
device_t/softc split

There are also precompiled kernels for HP Jornada 720, Zaurus and Lubbock.

netbsd-JORNADA720.gz - Jornada 720
netbsd-sm0.bin.gz - Lubbock
netbsd.bin.gz - Lubbock
netbsd-GENERIC.gz - Zaurus

Any review or testing would be welcome, particularly of PCMCIA devices.

Robert Swindells

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