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zaurus models and peripherals supported

Dear all,

Let me begin by congratulating the people who made this port happen.
I've been looking for a *reasonably current* handheld device supported
by NetBSD for quite some time, so thank you for all the hard work you've

Looking at the specs and some pictures of disassembled Zauri, I am under
the impression that the SL-C1000 and SL-C3x00 are identical machines,
*except* for the fact that the SL-C1000 lacks some circuitry (buffer and
power?) for an internal "pcmcia" slot (actually a compact flash slot)
holding the internal microdrive.

Is it a reasonable to assume that NetBSD will also boot on a SL-C1000
with a suitably prepared flash card/microdrive in the external CF slot?
(That would then be wd0 at pcmcia1) (would be a big selling point for
me; SL-C1000 is half price and has no moving parts).

Would it be (physically) possible (if SD/MMC were supported) to boot
NetBSD from SD/MMC? (i.e. does the boot loader support that?)

Is the MMC/SD slot on the zaurus actually connected to the MMC/SD
interface of the PXA270? (would be sensible, but you never know)

The zaurus can work both as a USB client and host. The OpenBSD USB stuff
was copied from NetBSD, so could getting USB (host functionality)
working on the zaurus be as easy as adding ohci* at pxaip* to a kernel

What does a zaurus normally do as a USB client? I guess acting as a
memory stick would be quite difficult to reconcile with running a NetBSD
kernel at the same time. Looking at the PXA270 datasheet (
), it looks a complete and very generic USB client interface. This means
that it could be used for /anything/, including emulating a (supported)
usb-ethernet adaptor or a usb-rs232c convertor. The later is probably
easier, but I fancy ethernet would be more usefull. Are there any plans
or is there any prior art WRT using a USB /client/ port under NetBSD?

Thanks again.

Cheers, Theo

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