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Re: Periodic messages on NetBSD-9 and -current: xennet0: rx no cluster

	hello.  One strange thing I notice on this particular system that seems to be different
from the other systems I'm running is that the request count on the mclpl line is incrementing
at a pretty fast rate, where as on other systems, the request rate is, more or less, constant
over time, with occasional bursts of requests.  Even so, there are no failures noted, even
though the driver says it's failed to get an rx cluster a few times since the system was
For example, since the last  message I wrote, the mclpl line now looks like:

mclpl       2112    29471    0    29440 14801 14762    39   187     0 524288   8

Maybe this incrementing thing isn't a big deal, but it jumps right out as being different.

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