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Re: NetBSD Xen guest freezes system + vif MAC address confusion (NetBSD 9.99.97 / Xen 4.15.2)

Hello Manuel,

Am 27.05.2022 um 20:39 schrieb Manuel Bouyer:
On Fri, May 27, 2022 at 02:06:59PM +0200, Matthias Petermann wrote:
Anyway, Once I try to "xl console" I did only get a fragment:

ganymed$ doas xl console net
[   1.0000000] cpu_rng: rdrand
[   1.0000000] entropy: ready
[   1.0000000] Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,

At the "1999," the Dom0 became frozen, again.

A recent change caused xenconsoled to hang, and possibly xenstore to
miss events too. Should be fixed with
src/sys/arch/xen/xen/xenevt.c 1.65

But the hang on the filesystem remains for me.

Today I continued my tests and reinstalled NetBSD 9.99.97 (built from the sources of 30.05.2022). Xentools and Xenkernel are still the same as in my initial case (from 29.04.2022).

Differences from the build of 05/25/2022:

- I can now start a DomU without any problems and install e.g. a NetBSD in it. This had previously already led to a freeze of the system, so this part of the issue seems to be resolved too me

When shutting down the DomU, the whole system still hangs. If I understood your mail from 30.05.2022 (HEAD UP - NetBSD 9.99.x dom0 needs a Xen tool patch) correctly, I need new Xen tools or a manual patch for this part of the problem. I will try the latter today.

Thanks for all the effort you guys put into supporting Xen on NetBSD so well!

Many greetings

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