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HEADS UP: jym-xensuspend branch merged in -current

Dear all,

Following Manuel Bouyer's approval, I can now announce the merge of my
jym-xensuspend branch inside -current.

The goal of this branch was to bring Xen suspend/resume functionality inside NetBSD domU. With this work (which will be stabilized for the upcoming NetBSD-6), NetBSD domUs will be able to save, restore, and migrate between different hosts, for all architecture (i386, i386 PAE and amd64).

Please note that this different from the dom0-side save/restore support, which is already available in NetBSD-5.

Although the code is merged, please still consider it as an EXPERIMENTAL target: you are advised _not_ to try it under a NetBSD-5 host, two bug fixes must be pulled-up to -5 before you could try this feature with a good chance of success. Anyone interested in more in depth technical details can contact Manuel or me privately.

Hopefully these things will be settled in the upcoming days.

Thanks all for your support and patience, and please accept my apologies in advance for any build breakage that might ensue.

Kind regards,

Jean-Yves Migeon
jym _at_ NetBSD.org

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