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Re: proposal x68k/stand/README

> Some port already have its arch/xx/stand/README.  Therefore
> I think it's nice that x68k has stand/README too.

Quick notes:

> Primary bootloaders:
> 	boot_ufs/
> 		contains xxboot_ufs.
> 		It is placed in FFS's boot area and loads secondary bootloader
> 		from its filesystem (FFSv1/v2).

Maybe it's worth to add
>>		This historical primary boot uses custom ffs op functions
>>		and can recognize Human68k partition table.
>>		(See #ifdef SCSI_ADHOC_BOOTPART part for details)

> 	boot_ustar/
> 		is placed in floppy's sector#0 and loads secondary bootloader
> 		from subsequent USTARFS.


> 	xxboot/
> 		contains following variants.
> 		* cdboot_cd9660
> 			is placed in CD and loads secondary bootloader
> 			from cd9660 filesystem.
> 		* xxboot_ffsv1
> 		* xxboot_ffsv2
> 		* xxboot_lfsv1
> 		* xxboot_lfsv2
> 			is placed in each specified filesystem's boot area,
> 			and loads secondary bootloader from its filesystem.

Also add:
>>		These primary loaders use MI ffs/lfs op functions in
>>		src/sys/lib/libsa. Currently these don't recognize
>>		Human68k partition table.

> Secondary bootloaders:
> 	boot/
> 		boot is placed to / (root directory) and loads the kernel.
> 	netboot/
> 		netboot is the same as /boot except default boot device is
> 		net.

The default device fo netboot is nfs:netbsd, so
>>		nfs using network interface and DHCP.

Maybe it's also worth to note
>>		Currently only NE2000 based Neptune-X and Nereid are
>>		supported.

> Other bootloaders:
> 	mboot/
> 		mboot is 0-th bootloader.
> 		It is placed to sector#0 (as 1024byte/sector) of hard disk
> 		as an alternative to genuine boot selector.  And loads
> 		active partition's +0 sector (sector size depends media)
> 		which should have primary bootloader.
> 	loadbsd/
> 		loadbsd.x is a Human68k executable and loads the kernel from
> 		Human68k filesystem.

One more:
>>	newdisk/
>>		newdisk is a utility to create the "disk mark" for X680x0
>>		SCSI IPL using mboot bootloader to make a disk bootable.

Izumi Tsutsui

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