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Re: Merge lcg Framebuffer Driver from OpenBSD?


Thanks for the response. Having read a bunch of the email traffic on the list, I was under the impression that it was removed. I’m glad to hear that this isn’t the case.

I’ll do a build on my VLC and on simh. I am aware that simh doesn’t have lcg support on the VLC/4000-60, but it will build faster, and I can test everything else.

- Alex

On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 04:37 Anders Magnusson <ragge%tethuvudet.se@localhost> wrote:
Hi Alex,

the lcg driver is already present in NetBSD.  Is something missing in
this driver?

-- R

Den 2021-04-11 kl. 17:52, skrev Alexander Jacocks:
> Since OpenBSD has discontinued the vax port, as of 5.9, I think it
> would be worth the effort to try to reinvigorate this one. I believe
> that NetBSD is the last current operating system that runs on the VAX,
> since even OpenVMS/VAX was discontinued after 7.3.
> Is anyone else interested? I’d be happy to contribute, to the limits
> of my ability.
> - Alex

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