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syncing the GCC vax port

hi folks,

i was interesting in tackling some problems gcc netbsd/vax has.
it has some ICEs which are in reload phase. searching around, the answer
to that is "switch to LRA first". Now, I don't quite know what that is
yet, but I know I need to try to do it.

As an initial step, I need to sync the source code.
netbsd/vax has some outstanding work on GCC.

I've done this, and I can run programs built by this compiler:

(My tree has more detail on the changes done:
https://github.com/gcc-mirror/gcc/compare/master...coypoop:vax )

Matt Thomas (the GCC VAX maintainer) is the author of most of these
changes, I suspect he will not be very responsive by email.
Not being the author, I might not be able to answer all the questions,
but I can try my best.

How do I get this across? comments? straight to gcc-patches? :-)

I know Jeff Law did not like the change to builtins.md as being wrong. I
can omit them, I forgot about it until typing this email :)

caveat: had an ICE during reload in the build process, I hid it
under the rug with -O0.

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