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Booting from memory

Hello, VAX people,

Last summer I wrote about issues I am having with my VAXstation 4000/90a: http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-vax/2015/08/22/msg002580.html

I had a little time recently so I wrote a quick script which takes the converted hex of the MOP bootable COUGAR.SYS utility for updating the FEPROM and outputs it on a "d/L+" line starting at memory address 1000000 with a tenth of a second delay between each line. So far, so good, but it's going to take around four or five hours to send 512 megabytes this way.

However, before I run anything which may possibly make things worse, I'd like to test to see if this would work.

What's the usual address to which MOP loads on a 4000/90? Should I use that as the load address?

IIRC, I'd start 512 (0x200) bytes in to the MOP image, or 1000200, correct?

A quick test trying to boot MOPBOOT.SYS from memory this way didn't work:


start 1000200

  PC= 01000234 PSL= 041F0004



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