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Re: two dead 4000/90 exhibiting same symptom, power supply question

On Fri, 16 Jan 2015 19:28:15 +0100
Tobias Nygren <tnn-netbsd%nygren.pp.se@localhost> wrote:

> Pulled two VS4000/90 out of storage today, where they have been
> sitting for at least 7 years. Both no longer working. I'm pretty
> sure at least one of them used to work.


It was suggested in private by a few people to have a hack at the
CMOS backup battery. While I fully expected the battery to be dead at
this point I did not expect it to completely brick the POST.
It turns out to be the correct fix.
With a fresh battery and the /RCLR pulled to ground for a few seconds
the first machine successfully POSTs to chevron prompt.

Kind regards,

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