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NetBSD 6 is looking pretty good


I have a VLC which is running netbsd-6 from 1-October. It's been compiling and doing various things for the last two weeks with no problems.

I did notice one thing, though. When running benchmarks/dhrystone/, the number I got was:

Microseconds for one run through Dhrystone:  569.1
Dhrystones per Second:                      1757.2

When I ran dhrystone on netbsd-5 earlier this year, though, I got 2164 which is almost 1.25 times faster. What's also interesting is that the standard number given for dhrystones per second for the VAX 11/780 is exactly 1757, too. Does this mean that the inefficiencies of new toolchains has brought a 25 MHz 1991 machine down to the speed of a 5 MHz 1977 machine?


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