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SIMH CPU-idleing support


Recently out of curiosity I tried NetBSD/vax (5.1) on SIMH.  I was
surprised to find that SIMH ideling support appeared broken for NetBSD
(a few local patches solved that, I think, allowing me to enable that
support).  However, I noticed that ideling was still not working, SIMH
taking as much CPU time as it's allowed to.

Someone told me that when he tested with NetBSD-4/vax ideling did work
for him.  So I looked a bit more throughly at the SIMH ideling code and
started to look at the NetBSD/vax 5.1 source.  Doing so, I noticed that
the cpu_idle() macro appears to only busy-loop.  Perhaps someone with
more NetBSD/vax knowledge could confirm that even directly on hardware,
NetBSD-5/vax keeps the CPU busy?


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